Sports & Training

Body Screener assists in training optimization and helps to recognize health risks. Thus, the measuring system supports athletes, coaches and fitness instructors in sports clubs.

Training analysis in competitive, fitness and leisure sports

Visualization of training successes

With Body Screener measurements before and after training units can be analyzed. The 3D representation of the stressed body areas will ideally show an increased energy expenditure. This allows you to conclude whether the area has been optimally trained, and trainers can adjust training goals as desired.

Identification of overstrain

Overuse of muscles, joints and tendons can cause inflammatory processes. In order to avoid this, Body Screener allows to recognize and localize the risks of a potential impairment at an early stage. Thus, the training can be adapted systematically or paused until a potential inflammation has subsided.

Are you an athlete or trainer and would like to optimize your training? Learn more about the success analysis with Body Screener in leisure and competitive sports and test the innovative measuring system yourself – at our sales and service partners!