Operating Principle of Body Screener

Conspicuous areas in the magnetic field of the body are visualized by high-resolution sensors.

The human body consists of approx. 60% water, 20% protein, 15% fats and 5% minerals.

Considered in a far more differentiated way, numerous cells are composed of molecules of the most diverse elements. These numerous basic and trace elements have atoms which are electrically charged and absorb or release electrons during certain electrochemical processes. The magnetic field of the human body is a result of these moving electrons.

If cells are defective, this manifests itself as an inflammatory process up to and a disease. In order to heal the organism, so-called repairing cells are sent to the defective area. This concentration of cells, and thus of atoms and moving electrons, influences the magnetic field and can be visualized with the Body Screener.

Why Body Screener instead of Body Scanner?

Body Screener records measurement data from the magnetic field of the human body without emitting radiation or exposing the body to electric currents or additional magnetic fields. The innovative measuring system is therefore also suitable for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.